My name is Patricia Fillat and I am a photographer. I graduated in photography at the Fundación Politécnica de Catalunya (Arts polytechnic college of Catalonia) and have more than 12 years experience of photographing weddings, portraits and events.

My images focus on the singular and unrepeatable moments that take place on such a special day as a wedding, a celebration, the emotions, the silences and the details of these unique instances.

For me each and every order is an opportunity to tell a story that will last forever and I do it with a free, fresh and spontaneous spirit.

I carry out my work discretely, in such a way that people do not feel uncomfortable in the presence of the camera, in order to capture the fluidity of the emotions in all their plenitude.

I pay special attention to all the aspects of my work. I like to maintain a narrow contact with people in order to connect with their feelings, with what they want and make it a reality.

I live in Barcelona where I develop the majority of my activity, although I have also had the opportunity to work in different parts of Spain and Europe. Travel and photography are my two passions in life and my work has allowed me to unite them.